Google Drive

The Google Drive connection will keep a google drive folder and everything in it, including subfolders, in sync.

Creating a Connection

  1. Select an API key from the dropdown at the top. All documents created by the connection will be attributed to the selected API key.
  2. Click "Select a folder" to open a Google Drive Picker.
  3. In the Google Drive Picker, select a folder to sync by single clicking it. If you want to go into a subfolder, double click the folder. You will only see folders and not any files in them, this is normal.
  4. Fill out any metadata you want to associate with the files in the google drive folder. You can use this to filter the data later. This is in JSON format. You can leave it blank, or you could set it to something like
    1. {
        "company": "acme"
  5. Select an Import mode. This is only applicable for PDFs. Fast only extracts text, but Hi-res also extracts images and tables. Fast can be up to 20x fast than Hi-res
  6. Click "Create Connection" at the top right

You will be taken back to the connectors page and the system will schedule a sync process as soon as possible.

What’s Next