Connectors provide an easy way to connect your data from external sources to Ragie.

For example, you can connect a Google Drive folder and all of its content will be sent to Ragie automatically and kept up to date.

To connect a data source, start by going to the Connections tab in the left nav menu. Then, click the Add Connection button in the top right. Next, select a connector you want to use.


Because connectors are linked to external data, Ragie needs permissions to this data.

When you click on a connector you will be redirected to authenticate and give Ragie permissions to access the files. After authentication is complete, you will be redirected to a screen where you can choose what content to keep in sync with Ragie. See the individual connectors pages for connector specific information.

Daily Sync

To keep your files up to date, Ragie performs a sync for all connections every 4 hours. The sync process is smart and can detect new files, updated files, and deleted files. Ragie will pick up these changes and keep your documents in sync.

However, this does mean you might not see changes immediately. If you add a bunch of files, it may take up to 4 hours for your files to be synchronized.

If you need to see the changes immediately, you can manually trigger a Sync now by clicking the ellipses on the connection table row and selecting Sync now.