Connections Table

After you have created a few connections, you can see the status of all of them in the Connections Table. This is seen when you go to the Connections tab in the left hand navigation menu.

The table shows you information about your connections such as:

  • The connection source, such as Google Drive
  • What account the connection is associated to, such as your gmail
  • How many files have been synced from this connection
  • When the connection was added
  • The last time a sync occurred

Connection actions

For each connection, you can click on the ellipses menu to see what actions you can do with it. You can:

  • Update the connection settings
  • Trigger a sync to be scheduled now
  • Enable / Disable a connection

Connection Settings

For each connection, you can change its Metadata or Partition strategy. These changes will be picked up on the next sync and all documents will update accordingly.

Schedule a sync

If you can't wait until the next sync, you can schedule a sync now to get your documents up to date.

Enable / Disable a connection

Sometimes you want to stop getting any new changes for a connection. In this case, mark the connection as Disabled. If you ever want to resume getting changes, Enable the connection.